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  • Hello, I am looking for (3) 2-1/16 speedhut gauges but can't find the SVT logo'd ones on the speedhut site. I am trying to match the 03 cluster:
    1- A/F 2- water temp 3- fuel pressure
    Silver face with black Font
    Euro Font
    EL Glow Dark Green
    Red Pointer
    Red SVT logo

    Can't find an email or PM option on your page, sorry!
    Were you able to figure anything out regarding the Guages? I'd like to get a pair myself.
    Hi I was curious if you can help me out with a set of digital gauges for my 03 Cobra. I want to get the red SVT logo on them and have them match factory gauges as well as possible. I know it's doable on the analog gauges. Have you done it with your digital gauges? Lookin for -30 to +30 Vac/Boost gauge and an AFR gauge. Any help would be great!
    Drop me a pm or send me an email.
    Looking to buy dual aeroforce interceptor set up with the svt logos and led color that matches 03 cobra cluster, ave wideband add-on, everyone reccomended I tlk to you. Available? Pricing?
    Sorry, because of quality issues, cheapness and lack of customer support I do not sell the aeroforce. I can’t support a company like that. I only offer Speedhut gauges. Fully custom and one of the best available.
    Hey Man, I was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I'm installing a Fore L4 SN95 4v system. I'm just not sure where or how long to cut certain lines.
    Sorry, just saw this. Send me a pm.
    I'm looking for the 03/04 cobra svt gauges that match the factory cluster. I heard your the guy that has them.
    I really hate to take my factory piece off unless I really have to. I wonder if anyone is making these or would have any? My car is in storage and Im not around it rite now. I am trying to get stuff for my car this winter while I'm not driving it.
    Hey trbovnm, I'm looking for a guage pod for my pillar on my comp orange cobra and want the speed of sound a pillar pod. Problem is they said they are no longer available on their site. Did they make a tripple pod or just a single and dual? Can you still get these? What guages would you run also? I know fuel pressure and a wideband but what about the brand? I'm new to the car scene as im used to the diesels and modding them to make 750 to 1000 hp and they are simple. I always use autometer guages as that's what i'm using on my duramax now. I see a lot of people using aeroforce guages and stuff. I just want to get the best for my car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    Think I sent a blank message first, oops. Thanks for sending it quickly, I saw that price on the shipping label and thought "surely not" lol I have had stuff turn out like that too. Let me know if I can help you out if there's any parts you are looking for or whatever. We ended up ruining our coolant crossover when we had to modify it, and our start up tune has not been sent to us yet, so turns out this wasn't the final piece we needed. Thanks again - btw your pm box is full that's why I posted here!
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