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  • Hey bud didn’t know if you knew anyone with a black coupe 10th. Ready to buy one in the next week or so. Seems like you have a few cobras or know a lot of people on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    I don't at the moment....But I'll keep an eye on one! Where's your location? Tim
    I already have 60's but didnt think theyd be enough from what i read. Thatd be great if i didnt have to upgrade. How closer were u to maxing them?
    Hey buddy, ive seen a bunch of your posts and iirc u have done pretty much exactly what im thinking. Going corn on my 03. Ported eaton.2.76 pulley. Is there a kit to swap to e85? Ive looked everywhere and cant find a kit. I know i need 80s, and gt pumps and tune. Did u run stock hat with ur pumps? What else can u suggest? Thanks for ur time/advice
    The cobra is treating me great! It's always the highlight of my day when the weather is nice and I can drive it.

    I haven't done anything to it yet. I have been waiting until I knew spring was here in Kansas because the weather has been crazy wierd this year. I want to get a set of 10.5 in rims so I can put some 315's on the back and possibly add a set of the matrix style subframe connectors this year. There are also other things I want but will have to wait because I have to be sure to watch my wallet lol like a MGW shifter, the head cooling mod, and the FTBR bushing kit.
    I was going through a old post and seen you had 60lb injectors when you had posi do a port. When you went TVS 2.3 E85 did you go 80s and wanna see you 60s?
    Tim, I'm new to this forum as I am piecing together an Eaton set-up for a Tork Tech conversion on my 99 GT. If this is still available, please send me your PayPal address. Might be later tomorrow when I can check due to work, but if still available at $135, I'm in. Thanks.

    The Black Cobra in your pic... What are those wheels sizes/ offset? Spring for that stance? That thing looks great!!
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