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  • Hey man,

    I know on your old sonic blue car you ran mm Coilovers. Do you recommend that set up over stock? Was their a noticeable difference? I am taking of getting mm coilovers and their k member but I am scared to pull the trigger. Thoughts?
    nice car man, what size tires/wheels you got on their? did you just shave irs bolts or also have spacers? thanks for the input
    Justin...noticed your car in several posts on "The Market". That is one beautiful car. I'm hoping to buy sometime in the near future...never really considered SB, but after seeing yours pop up several times, I'm having second thoughts on my color preferences!
    No i realy havent thought about selling it. I only got it last year. And more mods are to come and noone would pay what i want. Thanks for the compliment though
    I LOVE your car!! and i know this is a long shot but was curious if you thought about selling it?
    hey man...just wanted to let you know, i'm planning a cruise to maine may 6th...wanted to know if you wanted to tag along...i'll make a thread for it as well
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