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Screamin Cobra
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Dec 22, 2019
Oct 31, 2005
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Jun 12, 1986 (Age: 33)
Baton Rouge, LA Vehicle: SRT10 Viper

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Screamin Cobra

Slam'd Cam'd Z06, 33, from Baton Rouge, LA Vehicle: SRT10 Viper

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Dec 22, 2019
    1. DayzofBliss00
      I just love your cobra. DAMN!
    2. lexus
      your lights.

      i just bought a set of HID's from HID GUy and am having a heck of a time installing them. i was hoping you can send me some guidence or pics.


      please email me at [email protected]
    3. $inister SnAke
      $inister SnAke
      hey man i was just wondering what bfg's you got on your car and what size... cause your stance, tires and rimz are absolutely flawlessly perfect
    4. Tim99GT
      Very nice! will have to hook up one day. I live in Lafayette. I have never seen your car in BR though? Did you go to the big car meet thing this past weekend at Hooters in BR?
    5. kale-hide
      Hey Screamin Cobra,
      I really like your cars stance and i would like for my gt to have the same stance too. I was wondering if its not too much trouble, if you could measure the hieght from the floor to the bottom of the fender center of the rim and tire.from the front and rear. i hope that ain't complicated i would just like the measurements to work on my car. did you use the isolaters again when you cut the springs?
      thanks screamin cobra,
    6. vnom03
      Hey Screamin Cobra,
      I was wondering if you could help me out. I got an 03 and i want to lower it. I saw that your Termi looks really really good so hear me bro.

      I got the redfire color and i currently run AFS 18x10 machined (just before they stopped making them) with 315/30/18 azenis on the rears w/ 1" spacers and the stock 17x9 machined up front with 275 BFG's. So I have the original 17x9 rear wheels and tires. My plan was to get some 18x9's for the front so i could have 2 set of cobra wheels (18's and 17's), so here's the plan.

      I want to get the 18's powdercoated black since there's no 18 cobra style replicas in black and lower the car. So your basically running the same thing I am, just I'm going for the black/red look compared to your chrome/black look. I read that your cut some of your springs but....

      What wheel/tire setup are you running? (front/back)
      What springs do you suggest? (with/out isolators)
      You have any spacers?

      If definetly appreciate it if you could help, thanks. Nice car by the way.
    7. 1bad1
      whats up man. this is dale. ive been trying to catch up with you. i lost you number. email me at [email protected] and send me your number.
    8. turbo2300
      hey i was digging around and in an older thread found your reply to a thread and saw the pic of your black termy. i gotta say that looks so dam good. can you give me any info on the wheels and stuff? i have a black 99 cobra and the rear wheels are sucked in so far it really looks stupid. id love to know your setup, it looks gorgeous. thanks
      What method of payment do you prefer for the purchase of the MT slicks? very interested. Will be buying tires within the next week either way.

    10. jliddle
      What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are crazy
    11. svtcobra101
      hey bro nice car..i was wondering if u had anything listed on all the mods u got..id love to go kb due to this car. thxs Jeremy
    12. lambynos
      Another question for you bro, What kind of lighting do you have? or whats your set up? bulbs, light housing, fogs Etc?
    13. Screamin Cobra
      Screamin Cobra
      Yeah thats the guy I bought mine from, honestly, I wouldn't buy that particular rim because it is not chrome. Polished will fade and look terrible before long and you will regret it. Get chrome and be done with it and don't waste your time with that one. Yes, I cut 1 coil and removed the isolators from the front. It sits just how I want it. I also rolled my wheel well lips in the rear.
    14. lambynos
      i sent the guy a message, to see if he could atleast find me some used. He has one (1) brand new 18x9 up there now...debating whether to grab it or not and just collect them as i go.?what have you done suspension wise? thought i read that you cut 1 coil all the way around, and messed around with the isolators?
    15. Screamin Cobra
      Screamin Cobra
      I would be more than happy to help, however, it is unfortunate that they do not even make these wheels anymore. Thats why it is impossible to find them anywhere not to mention used. AFS used to make them and a guy on ebay (discountrim) used to sell them but he does not have them from what I have seen. Anything I can help you with, let me know.
    16. lambynos
      ahhh i see...yeah i watch all the videos and the only one of cory's ive seen are with the FR's. Now my question is for you, how, where, do i find them. You have a number, website, dealer, friend....anyway to get them. I understand if you dont want to share your secret, but your prolly the only one i talk to who even cares about snakes....Im from Mass, noone up here really cares about Cobra's. Anyway you can help me bro, I'd appreciate it
    17. Screamin Cobra
      Screamin Cobra
    18. lambynos
      ive seen untamed snakes, thought he had the FR 500's...? You mean the ones you have on as of now are from AFS 18x10.5/18x9's ? I.E the bigger terminator replicas? Whatever ones are on yours in your posted borla/bassani videos. Sorry to nag you, those wheels are insane looking. Best looking cobra ive ever seen btw..
    19. Screamin Cobra
      Screamin Cobra
      I got them thru AFSwheels a few years back. They are now on Untamed Snakes Cobra. I have 18''s now. 18x10.5 - 18x9 Chrome terminator wheels with bfg's.
    20. lambynos
      Im just curious, how and where did you find the rims, I have A BLACK 04 and I want those rims, atleast the rears
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    Baton Rouge, LA Vehicle: SRT10 Viper
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