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  • Hey,
    Possible going to look at an 2006 slate gray coupe this weekend.
    Thanks for the great info you gave me. Really helped me out about going to look at this one.
    I know you haven't had yours long, but needed to talk to someone who owns one you eased my nerves to purchase one lol.
    THANK YOU so much for taking the time to respond back..
    Wonder if you could answer a few questions for me?
    I to just sold my 04 Cobra and now looking at a gen 3 Viper 2006.
    I wanted to know how it is to own the Viper? Are they hard to drive? I also here storys about the rear end just getting lose for no reason and the car gets sideways very easy?
    I here they say it's not if it will happen just when, this kind of worrys me some.
    I haven't got a chance to drive one, but know this is what I want..
    Any other things you can think of
    Please let me know?
    Possible going to look at one in the next week or so.
    THANK YOU for your time in helping me make the right decision...
    I live in Colorado Springs but I'm currently in Boulder..... I'm interested in your car and I am willing to drive to Denver to check it out. You can reach me at 706-449-7773
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