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  • I see it. Don't know how I missed that. Awesome car! Really want a stick shift. Thank you!
    hey man, i know there are some threads about widening wheels and getting them to fit like unleashed da beast. i plan on running 325/40/18 MH's. i know my stock rear offset is i believe a 45mm. i believe i need to widen the wheels to at least 10.5 or 11's. i always love the look of the cobra R wheels. and i agree on what you said that you have to research tires before you get the wheels. any advice would be appreciated.
    Hey boss, bad ass pic of the wheelie. Im kinda new to this and i saw your suspension mods but i got some questions... I would appreciate some insight.
    Hey man, just wanting to know what springs you are running on your car with your 20s? I love the way it sits with the 20inch drags! Let me know.
    I just order a set of chicanes and my Shelby GT/SC is lowered 1 1/2, r u running nitto dr 305x35x20 if yes do you have any rubbing issues. I was going to by 315x35 NT05. My rims are 20x10.5 with 3" lip.
    Thanks Louie
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