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    1995 Jeep Cherokee | Retro Review

    Neat vid. I enjoyed mine. Still miss my 2-door.
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    New driver woes

    Jeeezus! Definitely needs more practice. I guess I was lucky to grow up driving riding mowers and the like. Taught me small fundamentals I guess. Never had issues driving…except with going too fast
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    How about some sun?

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    Iguana vs snakes

    He was in the wrong neighborhood.
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    Billboard in Wilmington NC is TOO FUNNY/SAD....

    …just wait till Kamala has to step in, when creepy Uncle Joe goes full senile. Should be epic billboard material for someone.
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    Something new

    Dat Ass
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    Housing market is still solid in my neck of the woods!

    Prices are slowly coming down in parts of my market. We planned to purchase a larger home pre-pandemic, but chose to hold off. I can’t justify buying and selling right now. I’m gonna give it another 6 months to see what things look like. The government has gotta cut lose on the moratorium soon...
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    Rocks Are Now Racist.....

    Boy, if only that rock could talk.
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    THE SUICIDE SQUAD – Early Access Trailer Do Not Share

    Probably like the first one. All action, no substance.
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    Thank you for pointing that out. That fine print got me. Looks like I’m SOL, but I’m still tactfully pestering them. I spoke with the original rep today. She is pushing harder for me, and said that she would have more details tomorrow. We shall see.
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    Those may be out of my budget…next ones I but will be CHEAP. Best ones I ever had were the cheap ones. Maybe I got lucky. Maybe it’s in here. Want to take a look for me? I had better...
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    I have a copy. It’s 15 pages long and very vague at times. I haven’t seen any specifics regarding the cancellations of warranties by Best Buy.
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    Going forward, they’ll never get a cent from me again. this is what I want..full replacement Maytag Even from a purchase 2years ago? I’m not close to throwing in the towel.
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    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    Wanted to see if some of you fine folks had a similar experiences. The wife and I purchased a ‘fancy’ washer and dryer from Best Buy online about 2 years ago. We also purchased a 5 year Best Buy/Geek Squad warranty. The washer has been very problematic and has had several warranty repairs...
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    I’m actually looking forward to seeing these. I don’t need a full size and I just don’t like the Ranger’s look all that much. Just should called it something different.