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  • I'm interested in your floor Mats. Can you text me at 206-949-5344 and we can figure out the details.

    Thank you.
    Hi interested in your car with most recent price change. Can you send me a copy of the video you made please and also if u still have factory wheels and parts as well? My email is [email protected] and no I'm not a dealer.

    Thank you,

    I am very interested in your boss, if it is still for sale call me at 5753020954. It is exactly what I've been looking for
    Hello. I made a post in your for sale thread. I am interested in your GT500 for sale. My number is 850 687 5880.


    Hello. I just saw your post on those wheels. I was curious about 2 things: are those rims with, or without tires? Now, I know you said you were reconsidering selling those right now because they were chipped. But, would you still sell them, even chipped like that?
    I'm in Canada, and I understand shipping won't be the easiest, but I'm pretty flexible. I could probably drive 6 hours to the boarder in Montana.

    I looked for those same wheels on american muscle right now, and there about $450 USD each, so just curious as to what price you were looking for. Obviously you want to make as much money as you can, and I understand that.

    Not sure if you can PM me. But feel free to email me.
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