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  • 04 CO Mach 1 part out, curious on how much you are asking for the sail panels, glass and weather stripping shipped to 24381, thanks!
    THIS IS CONTINUING WHERE I LEFT OFF ON MY FIRST POST I GUESS THE FIRST WAS TOO LARGE. Now I need to find a T56 and then spend 1500 on Stegmiester upgrades then the install and dyno. With that being said if you happen to come across my post I was just hoping you could shead some light on me as far as valve covers will be in the way if you install the motor this way etc any info will help, Im a shade tree mechanic who will be doing it all alone in the garage, life changing experience. The local shop thats a pretty bad ass shop just did a guys wiring on a swap all custom and charged him 10K no way would I do that I have the wiring situated another shop is going to fabricate my 2V engine wiring harness to work I just need to figure everything else out well let me know if you can help.
    Hello fellow mustang enthusiast, Im from northern Cali. Im new to this site. 99 saleen 2V m90 blower currently swaping to 03 4V and I was hoping to find something on the web that would assist me with this giant swap but have found nothing. I came across your forum and was just hoping, Hoping that you could share some insite as to what I should expect to run into challenges on putting my 4v in once I get it back from the rebuilding shop. Your quest is similar to mine. I sold my blower next my 2v. Then i bought this 4v broken engine. Im in between getting a QAI or UPR or Max motors K member the first two are the cheapest, figured i'd do is since its going to be torn apart.
    Hey man can i get your number for the on3 performance piping kit. got money ready to send. my number is 405-924-0343 my name is Derek
    get back to me as soon as you can.
    Please and thanks
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