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  • Oh and the Canton IC Res, did you have that painted black? I was looking to find a matching Radiator OF in black but haven't had much luck there.
    LOL. He didn't flip it for profit or anything like that. He had an opportunity to go into a business and I think he needed to liquidate some stuff. I think having an anxious and willing buyer helped make that decision. While I got you did you do anything to the rear suspension besides the shocks and the diff brace? I was contemplating a FTBR bushing package or one from MM but hadn't looked yet to see if any of that had been done.
    What the hell?!?!.,., he already sold it?.,.,., :eek: what's the deal with that?!?!?!?
    lol.,., I am sure you will love it.,., I did ,.,. and yes I am loving the Viper :)
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