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  • Hey man I saw your post from several years ago about rob wells an ford speed. I live down in Sarasota and I've been looking to have my motor built up on my 05 3v. I had a shop here in town that was going to do it but they stopped doing the engine builds. I stopped and talked to rob several weeks ago and he said he would do it for me. My only problem is spending 9k at a shop that I know nothing about. I see nothing but good things about him but maybe you could help ease my stress since you seem to know him well. Thanks
    I was seeing in your old post that you guys can repair the cam towers on some 03 cobra heads by putting cam bearings, I was just wondering how much you guys charge?
    I am "NBK" on AFM, I read a lot on here and finally registered, I saw you on here and since I know you from AFM I friend requested you. haha
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