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  • Sorry about the delay in response I was at the consumer electronics show shooting some coverage. So I looked on FedEx website and it says $121 to ship from ny to Phoenix. That doesn't seem right at all I apologize but I haven't ever shipped anything this large before. I am interested and have paypal just need to figure out total costs.
    Thanks for the return email however I did get a little confused you said 5gear wasn't working was that before the rebuild? And now everything works great? From your video seems like it worked well. I am putting this on my crate motor in a 66 mustang. Unfortunately I'm more familiar with the t56 than the mt82 but the hydraulic shift and the ratios make it more appealing to my app than the t56. Being fairly stock and the light weight of the car I shouldn't have as many issues. Since I'm starting off with nothing I need as many factory parts as possible. I understand you sold the clutch line but will I need anything else to install this on a coyote crate motor. Thank you.
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