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  • Bassin247'

    do you have, or could you send, the lumber dimensions you used in building your elevated car lift. It appears you used 2"x12"x16' (p.t.) for your top plates, with 2"x10" under layment for added strength. However a materials list would be nice to have since your constructed lift is obviously strong and proven safe. My materials take off, if correct, totals $450.00, + or -. I used, in my recent take off, 2"x12"x16', (pressure treated, p.t.),top plates for ramp and platform, and 2"x10"x16' p.t. Under layment for top plate of ramp and platform. I also used 2"x10"x16' for the bottom, ground, plates of ramp and platform. For the vertical supports i spec. 2"x10" p.t. With the deck at a vertical height of 24", and the vertical support spacing at 24" on center.
    Liquid nail as adhesive and 23/32" osb for the platforms sheathing. The 2x4 rails and cross bracing i also included in my materials pricing take off.

    Please post your material list for review!!

    Thanking you in advance,

    Hello, saw the excellent DIY ramps. I want to do this, but my driveway is at a angle to the garage. may be 20 drgrees??? I would have to measure. My garage is 25 feet deep, so maybe it is a moot point. I wonder if yo can tell me the total lenght of the lift + the ramps? Thanks so much, regards, Jim
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