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    FOR SALE: TWIN TURBO KIT w/ precision 6262 turbos

    Everything is off the car and ready to go
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    Anyone with the Holley Dominator system?

    Yes I ran a wire from holly to the ccrm which was a ground trigger for the relay to trigger the fan. Very easy I run the 99 cobra/Mach alternator and it’s a 3 wire plug from left to right I put a 840 resister inline from the stock harness the center wire is unused and ran another wire off the...
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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    As much as I like the heritage edition I think I’m going with oil slick blue purple
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    2022 GT500 Heritage Edition

    Finally, ordering banks are opening. found a localish dealer to me selling for msrp pretty happy about that.
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    FOR SALE: magnafuel 4303's w/fuel filters and regulator

    parts have around 30 miles on them 2 magnafuel 750 4303 pumps rated for e85 magnafuel 74 micron prefilter (before pumps) magnafuel 25 micron post filter (after pumps) magnafuel boost reference fuel pressure regulator gp y blocks and all fragola fittings included -12 inlet into the pre filter and...
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    FOR SALE: TWIN TURBO KIT w/ precision 6262 turbos

    this kit started as a turbo horse power kit but i had some custom piping made for it. custom down pipes that dump right in front of the motor toward the ground. custom cold side pipe from the air to air intercooler to a forward facing sullivan intake with a slot style MAF sensor slot welded in...
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    WANTED: WTB Fox body throttle body cable

    Looking for a fox body throttle cable.
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    FOR SALE: S77 17x10 weld racing rear wheels w/ MT et street R tires

    I’m in Illinois. Im not sure but I can find out if your seriously interested.
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    FOR SALE: 13/14 engine parts

    sold my '14 gt500 last summer and have a bunch of random parts left over everything has around 3,000 miles on them. everything is plus shipping stock intercooler heat exchanger SOLD stock timing cover SOLD stock coil covers hydro dipped carbon fiber SOLD shelby america hood pin's with install...
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    FOR SALE: S77 17x10 weld racing rear wheels w/ MT et street R tires

    S77 WELD RACING 17X10 black center w/ polished hoop these wheels were specifically made for 13-14 gt500's they just bolt right up no spacers, no rubbing, no changing brakes, no moving swaybar mounts bolts right up to stock rear/suspension. I sold my '14 GT500 so i no longer need these they have...
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    FOR SALE: stock mufflers and manifolds

    both parts only have around 3,000 miles on them before removed for full exhaust. everything is in excellent condition and came off my 2014 gt500 manifolds $100 stock mufflers $400 IMG_2047[1] by Tj Densberger, on Flickr IMG_2048[1] by Tj Densberger, on Flickr IMG_2049[1] by Tj Densberger, on...
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    FOR SALE: kinetik motorsports saver stud kit

    sold my car before i got this installed. brand new $100 plus the ride IMG_2025[1] by Tj Densberger, on Flickr IMG_2024 by Tj Densberger, on Flickr
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    billet crank sprocket?

    Thanks they had 1 left in stock
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    billet crank sprocket?

    Does anyone know where I can find or has one they want to sell me the old style crank gear (XL3Z-6306-BA). Ordered one from Tasca Ford and they refunded my money said product is no longer available. I bought the accufab billet trigger wheel now I can’t find the Ford old style crank gear.