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Sep 17, 2005
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Dallas, TX

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Runs On "Liquid Gold", from Dallas, TX

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    1. 5.0carlos
      Hello, I just purchased a cobra. I was reccomend to get tuned by you. I live close to Dallas. Can you send me a message please?
      1. 04sleeper
        Jan 20, 2021
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    2. palych
      Kevin, how can I contact you,
      are you still tuning 03 cobra?
    3. Scott Rinehart
      Scott Rinehart
      A member referred you when it comes to tuning since we are both in the DFW area. Though I'm looking daily, if you happen to hear of an 03/04 coupe in the area for sale, good shape, $22k or under, please send them my way. I'm looking at one in OK (60 ish k miles) currently tuned for E72 and would look to have it tuned for E85 and will reach out if that happens. Thanks!
      1. 04sleeper
        I will keep my eyes open
        May 7, 2020
      2. Scott Rinehart
        Scott Rinehart
        I'm back to looking at the E72 one I mentioned and made an offer. What would the cost be to tune it to E85? It has a VMP 2.3 Gen II, twin 462 lph pumps, 80 lb injectors, KB boost a pump, AEM Wideband 02 sensor, N2MP WOT box and Steeda cat back exhaust. Thanks!
        Jun 18, 2020
      3. Scott Rinehart
        Scott Rinehart
        Disregard. He says it comes with an SCT which has both E85 and 93.
        Jun 18, 2020
    4. SVTsteele
      Trying to get in touch with you about tuning, are you still tuning?
    5. sn95muff
      What's the proper outlet to get in contact with you?
    6. mrspeedy69
      I sent you an email today about tuning. Wasn't sure if you still did that or not?
    7. BritCobra
      Hi mate, could you give me a pm whenever you can? Just want to ask a question and I’m a fairly new member.

    8. Nicssvt
      Do you still tune I got an 03 cobra that just went through a make over as in new blower, fuel system plus some other odds and ends thanks
    9. T-bird88
      I will need help to tune my 2003 Cobra quite soon, still waiting for parts for the fuel system.
      Can you do it for me? and the price?
    10. Rambro
      Hey Kevin would you recommend switching to br7ef's on my setup. 2.3 whipple with 2.70 upper only and your tune on e75. Currently running tr6 just wanted to try something different but heard I would lose power with the br7's
      1. 04sleeper
        Stick with the TR6's.
        Apr 15, 2018
    11. Jiffy
      2 of 2
      If you wanted the challenge or feel you could help, could you please send me an email at [email protected] - if you're interested in talking, I'm happy to call you and wear the cost - I have WhatsApp so that might work too.

      Anyway, my car has been at the tuner for 7 weeks and they're struggling with it so I would like to help them AND get it back in one piece...

      Thanks either way - Jeff.
    12. Jiffy
    13. smokeu2
      are you 04 sleeper tunning? ended up picking up a 03 cobra that just did a tune on and wanted to do couple of upgrades but had some questions. anyway you could give me your number so I can text? Guy told me that's also your name on Facebook but I don't do social media.
    14. krhonn
      Kevin, you think you can get at me some time 2198190346? I decided to get the fuel system you suggested for me to get. Bad thing is the instructions are horrible. I believe i ran across a post of yours before but cant seem to find it.
      Thanks, Kenny
    15. Justinfiore
      Hey, not sure how to pm and I wanted to ask if you could change my username. Mine is obviously not a good idea, could you change it to WrappedMach and add 23 if the first choice isn't available. Thanks!
    16. krhonn
      Hey Kevin,
      Not to sure how to pm anyone so I hope I'm using the correct avenue. I noticed you have great responses on fuel questions so I'd like to ask you a few things.
      I too am pushing around 640 to the wheels with a paxton supercharger. I'm currently running 93 octane and would like to go E85. I would like your input on what kit/pumps to go with? I have the ID 1,000's already installed? Also what will E85 do as far as increase in hp? I hear I'm on the edge with horsepower now considering I have stock internals?
      I have a 14 mustang GT.
      Thanks in advance, Kenny
    17. MIguel07
      Hey kevin,

      Looking to get my 04 cobra tuned. It has a kb 2.8h running on e85. Text me to 4694261473 if you have time. Thanks
    18. 03SonicBooost
      My name is Wade and I own a Sonic Blue Cobra. I was referred to you by a man named Chris here in Wichita were I'm stationed. He said that when it comes to 03-04 Cobras you're the guy to talk to. I'm writing to see if you still do tunes and if so, do you tune on 91? I saw a lot of people mention you tuned on e85. Chris had mentioned your job brings you through Wichita sometimes. If so, would you be willing to do a live tune? If you're interested in tuning my car live or data log, please let me know what information you need from me. The cars current tune is extremely rich, idles at 10 and kind of jumps around under load. Thank you for your time.
    19. KillaCobra49
      How it going Kevin I'm looking to get a tune for my 03 cobra with a ported Eaton setup, if your not busy give me a holler (925)383-4165 thanks
    20. Russell
      I've been looking around for a nice looking plate frame, and couldn't find anything i liked more than the one you had on your Cobra. I have searched online to no avail, where did you get it? Thanks for your time, Russell 703-340-4392
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