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Zinc Yellow Build date

Discussion in 'New Edge Cobras' started by nsreed, May 8, 2002.

  1. nsreed

    nsreed New Member Established Member

    Apr 18, 2002
    St Clair, Michigan
    I stopped by my selling dealer to check on things. My Zinc Yellow Coupe has a build date of 5/13/02 to arrive the week of the 20th at the dealer. Vin#300357- Order date: 3/26/02
    So hopefully others that ordered yellow Cobras will be seeing your car soon too. FYI. My dealer has an unsold Torch Red convt coming in about the same time for stock. Could be yours!
  2. Yellow Horse

    Yellow Horse Active Member Established Member

    Aug 1, 2001
    I am very dissappointed in my dealer. It's not like I have harrassed the heck out of him. I've called him a few times for the final pricing and the rumor about the delay on silver coupes since the first of Feb. Out of the five times he has promised to call me back, he has only returned one phone call. I called him to tell him what the prices were going to be and only after I called him about the delay on silver did he finally call me back for once and tell me I had a build scheduled the week of 5/6 and the number is 166. I feel like they had that information over two weeks ago based on what I've read. I called him yesterday to check on interest rates and about the delivery and he said he didn't have anything on delivery and didn't seem to know what a DORA was. I'm pretty patient though. Just think the dealer could communicate a little better. Based on what I've seen, the car should be here before Memorial Day especially on the build numbers. If Job One is today, they will build 240 Cobras this week alone. I should be in there somewhere. Heck, I'd just like to see some new info or pic's. Post some pic's when you get your snake.
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  3. stylin99

    stylin99 Member Established Member

    Jan 8, 2001
    Gastonia, NC
    Man, that is absolutely awesome on the cobra order! Too bad they are dickin' you around though. Hopefully they'll get it straightened out.
    When you get a chance register your Yellow Cobra over on www.yellowmustangregistry.com . You can just put "on Order" in the comments box but we'll still put you on the member's section.

    Here's the special link for registering:

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