WTB 2016 Roush Rear Deck lid cover


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Apr 25, 2019
Chattanooga T.N.
hey guys.. anyOne know where I can find a Roush Rear decklid cover for a 2016 GT premium? Just bought it, and get to pick it up this week. Supposedly it’s a Roush Stage 2, yet has the GT rear deck lid. The car did have a minor accident before so that could be why the deck lid isn’t Roush? I’m not positive on that tho. Don’t care much either way. I just want the Deck lid to be Roush. They don’t sell it on Roushperformance, and I can’t seem to turn one up on any google searches. Any ideas? Or will I just have to get a plain cover, and do the lettering on my own? Thanks.

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