Whipple the 2020 GT500! | Episode 3: "The Finishing Touches” at Lethal Performance!


Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
Jun 17, 2021
This is it! The time has come! We started the fuel system in the last episode. Now we’re going to finish it! All that’s left is running the wires and installing The Box, installing some Whipple-supplied cooling accessories, and finally throwing the Whipple on. So grab a snack and a drink, and watch as we finish the Whipple Install on the GT500!!If you want to run The Box, the DivisionX regulator, or anything else you see in this episode, you can find any and all parts we use at LethalPerformance.com!

For more info on our Whipple Supercharged 2020 GT500, click here: Lethal Performance 2020 Shelby GT500: Fit for a King


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