Went to track thurs night


Just the normal bolt ons
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Apr 24, 2005
Booneville, MS
I took the truck to the track thurs night in north ala. Its not the best track in the world but I wanted to see how the drag radials and new mods helped. It was bout 85 or so when I got to the track and let the truck cool while I put the m/t drag radials on the truck. I have the 255/50/16s and like em. best 60ft i could get though was a 1.93, track prep was not that great. Best et was 8.53 and worst was like 8.61. lil better than the 8.71 i ran last fall. I know the heat has alot to do with it so better air should get better et. mods so far are 4lb,line valve mod, hi flow cats with bassani catback, air force one, and xcal2.

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