VMP TVS SuperChargers Sale -Free Shipping & 0% Financing for up to 1 year!


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Apr 12, 2005
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VMP TVS SuperChargers Sale -Free Shipping!!
-0% financing up to 1 year!

-If your interested in picking one up please feel free to contact me at 408/898-4632 or [email protected]



The VMP 2.3L TVS Supercharger upgrade is a direct replacement for the factory Eaton M112 Supercharger on the 2003-2004 "Terminator" Mustang Cobra. It was designed from OEM CAD data to fit perfectly and clear the stock hood.

The VMP TVS is the first aftermarket supercharger housing made specifically to fit the Cobra. It is a one piece housing with a side inlet like the factory supercharger. The one piece design makes for a very rigid housing, allows for a larger rear inlet, decreases the chance of vacuum leaks, and makes installation easier.

With the VMP TVS you get the reliability of an Eaton blower and the performance of the TVS rotorpack design. The Twin-Vortices-Series compressor has proven itself to be highly efficient over a wide operating range of 10-22+psi. It is a high twist symetrical 4-lobe rotor design with excellent adiabatic effiency. TVS technology is used on the 2013 GT500, ZR1 Corvette, and ZL1 Camaro.

VMP 2.3L TVS Supercharger upgrade key features:

-Direct replacement for stock supercharger
-Gains of 100-350RWHP depending on pulley size & boost level
-1 year warranty provided by VMP
-Proven Eaton reliability: 100,000 mile service interval
-Pre-filled with oil
-Intercooler bolts directly to bottom of blower
-Side inlet for easy access to fuel rails
-Side inlet allows use of different throttle body styles
-Vacuum line connections and T-MAP in factory locations
-Large 45MM bypass-valve for cooler operation, improved driveably, and greater fuel efficiency
-Removes EGR system and boost dump valve for a cleaner look and better performance

Package Includes:
-VMP TVS Blower with stainless steel 6-bolt hub
-One pulley of your choice
-Inlet elbow for your throttle body style
-Six M6x14MM bolts for pulley
-Four M6x25MM bolts for elbow
-Ten M5x16MM intercooler bolts
-O-ring for inlet elbow

-The factory supercharger to lower intake manifold gasket is metal and can be re-used in most cases
-The factory IAC gasket may be re-used in most cases
-The TB gasket may be re-used in most cases, aftermarket TBs usually include a new gasket
-If you still have EGR you will need to remove it and cap the header or manifold, select option above.
-EGR is easily turned off in the calibration to prevent a check engine light. Many emissions tests allow for one or two systems failed.
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