Turbosmart Blow Off Valves, here at Lethal Performance!

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Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
Sep 14, 2020
Wellington, FL
Hey there, Bronco owners! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know we are now carrying the Turbosmart Blow Off Valve lineup for your Bronco, here at Lethal Performance Inc !

An amazing option for those looking to add a little of a meaner sound to their Bronco! Offered in both a vented or a plumb back option ( the venting system utilized ) this will be sure to give you that mean BOV sound you're looking for whether you're hitting the trails or terrorizing the streets! Not to mention, its construction is also stronger than the factory.

Here's a couple of direct links for the product.

Plumback: TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie EM Series Plumb Back VR13 (2021+ Bronco 2.3L/2.7L & Bronco Sport 2.0L) - 0223-1282

Vented: Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port VR13 (2021+ Bronco 2.3L/2.7L & Bronco Sport 2.0L) - 0223-1082

Also, we are constantly posting up about our new releases on Bronco6G.com. We have a whole write up dedicated to these BOV options, as well. If you'd like to know a little more info, follow this link ---> TURBOSMART : NOW AVAILABLE HERE AT LETHAL PERFORMANCE

Of course, if you guys have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message or you can also call us! 561.753.8105 / 877-2LETHAL


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