turbod cobra in NEED OF TUNE. help please. I'm dying.


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Dec 12, 2011
Would it be crazy to ask someone from our group that would be able to tune my car and maybe willing to teach me a little bit on the rhe software.
My car has been in my possession since May 2009.
Write Cobra. Always wanted one after getting to know Mr. Mike Ford from work. He drove a terminator cobra that made around 440hp. He even has the Cobra emblem tattood on his shoulder.
I've been screwed over about 3 times since i went turbo with dirty mechanics who stole my stuff or ruined things. Worst luck ever.
The car has never been tuned properly since being converted to a 3 speed th400. The last time i paid for a dyno i paid $500 and left with a receipt saying " needs wastegate " took 3 hours to know this

Im looking for someone that is looking to help a good guy who needs a proper tune. And a break. ...

Looking for help In the northern Californian area. Maybe Oregon Washington.

If you wanna know more. Just ask.

It's been over a year since the new turbo upgrade.
The last tuner in Washington put it on 4 degrees of timing and I've been getting 9mpg. And it's a SLUG.
If any sponsors would be willing to send a great tuner I'd love to put your sticker or logo on the car also.
This car is ready to make power. New wastegate was installed long time ago. Old one was still good but needed tightened is all.
Been on medical leave since last sep and cant work on the car.


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