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Texas Mile March 22, 23 & 24 Possible TAIL WIND BABY!!!

Discussion in 'Revan Racing' started by [email protected], Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Van@RevanRacing

    [email protected] Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Feb 24, 2008
    S. Florida
    Well the time has come again. I know a few members here on SVTP will be out there. I'm currently co-driving two cars possibly some others.

    It should be interesting. Current forecast has a strong tailwind all 3 days and cool morning temperatures. 18 MPH out of the North on Friday and Saturday. :banana: If the weather holds we will likely see some really good speeds.

    As the owner of Revan Racing I'll have some limited access to phone calls and emails beginning March 20 to March 25 but I will not be completely out of contact. I will be completely back and in the office on March 26.

    We're going back with the original 204.9 MPH Super Snake

    (Recent mods include a Kenne Bell 4.2 and an Ice Cell and some aerodynamic modifications)

    1,085 RWHP and 961 RWTQ all motor and boost.

    The first Texas Mile Video of Super Snake #456

    The Fastest Standing Mile Supercharged Shelby GT500 AND Super Snake in the World - YouTube

    This is the video from last October in the Grabber Orange Convertible Super Snake # 401 that went 220.8 MPH.

    The Fastest Standing Mile Mustang in the World Shelby GT500 Super Snake 220.8 MPH - YouTube
  2. usmotox

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    Sep 23, 2012
    Maple Hill, NC
    Good luck and enjoy local shop is down there Majestic dont know if he is doing the mile deal. Darian and Jessica just bought thier silver 6spd Supra they have a Lambo so guess they might try that one not sure.

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