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November is a special time for SVTP. See, Nov. 12th, 2000 was the day that the vBulletin version of came online. There was a short-lived prior version of SVTP before the vB site, but we generally celebrate Nov. as the birth month of the site as we know it. It has grown and changed a lot over the years, but the camaraderie the SVTP community shares remains a constant. It’s the members that really make this site special.

Since SVTP is turning 18 (it can buy beer in Canada now) this year we felt it was time for a fresh round of software mods, to give you guys an even better experience on the site. Building on the software upgrades we performed two years ago we be adding features that will make the posting and browsing process much more streamlined. Unbeknown to most, the SVTP Software Elves have been quietly working behind the scenes on these new modifications to the forum. Here's what we've been up to:

Search Private Conversations (PMs)


Ever had trouble finding an old Private Message from years ago? Well now you no longer have to waste hours scanning through hundreds of PM topics. You can now simply enter some info into the search field inside your Inbox, click go, and you're off to the races.

Dynamic Media Embedding


Want to make a thread look instantly better? Well if you’re posting a link to a Tweet, video, one of several other media site you don’t have to do much. Links will now automatically embed as media directly in your post, giving your work a much classier look.

Premium Members Can See Who’s Viewing/Viewed a Thread


This one is pretty simple, as the function is all in the title. SVTP Premium Members can now see who is viewing, or has viewed, a thread. This was a popular tidbit of information back in the old vB days, so it only made sense to make it available to the members who help keep the lights on around here.

Forum Aggregation


Tired of having to click through every sub=forum in the larger vehicle forums (Terminator, Coyote S197, etc.)? Now you don’t have to. Just enter the main forum and scroll down. You’ll find every thread in the individual sub-forums displayed together, giving the category the feel of one giant forum. As a bonus, SVTP Premium Members can further enhance their site experience by selecting which forums they want to see in the aggregated list.

Partial Quote Button


Tired of having to quote an entire post? Want to address several points in a post individually? All you have to do is highlight the portion of the text you wish to quote, then click the “Quote” button that pops up beside the highlighted area. After that the function works like any other quoted post.

Keyword Alerts


Like big blowers and you can not lie? Well now it’s even easier to keep track of your favorite topics on SVTP, such as the VMP 2.65L TVS Supercharger. You can now enter keywords into your SVTP profile and you will receive a notification anyone posts that particular word or phrase. This feature has many options to customize your experience. You can choose different methods of notification (alerts, emails, etc.), and you can narrow down the areas of the site you’re interested in receiving alerts from.

This addition was particularly difficult to implement, but now that we have it tweeked and working I am very proud of it. This is a very powerful tool for anyone who takes the time to learn it and use it. It’s especially useful for those of you who are always looking for a certain deal to pop up in The Market section of the site. Definitely check this one out.

Desktop Version on Mobile Devices.


If for some inexplicable reason you are not 110% happy with the SVTP Mobile App, and are still using your phone’s browser to view the site we have a treat in store for you. No longer will you be forced to use the responsive version of the when using a mobile browser. You now have the option to view the full desktop version of the site on your phone.

All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Desktop Version” link in the bottom red bar. That will magically transform your SVTP mobile browsing experience to something very similar to the full desktop version of the site. If you decide you don’t like the new style the procedure is easily reversed by clicking the “Mobile Version” link found in the same location as the previous link.

Auto Convert URLs and Add Favicon


This change is more window dressing than anything, but there’s nothing wrong with polishing up the looks of the site here and there. We’ve added a little bit of script that will auto convert posted links into the URL’s title text and add the website’s favicon to the beginning of the link. This is a very small change, but I think it gives the site an overall more professional feel. Also, it gives you a better idea of just what might be on the other end of that link you’re about to follow.

Finally, we are working on an updated Front Page with even more content than we have had in the past. We’ve partnered with several movers and shakers in the Ford Performance industry to bring you guys the very best exclusive content that you will find anywhere. The Front Page is also slated to be the hub of a new network of Ford Performance Vehicle related sites. You guys are really going to love the finished product.

Some of these changes will be occurring over the next few weeks, and there may be some times where certain features are not available or the site is down for further upgrades. However, we are working hard to make the site the best it can possibly be. The end result will be the most advanced and feature rich privately owned Ford Enthusiast Network in the world.

Congratulations, SVTPerformance. By the way, did you know that Google is just 2 years older than SVTP? 2 years and 2 months to be exact. The forum software changes that I just read about are exciting and progressive. Well done. Kudos to the great SVTP staff and support folks, past...present...and future. And to Travis for his leadership.

One feature that I really like is the Partial Quote Button. I frequently comment on a portion of a quote, and change the font color of that portion to focus on it in my reply. But sometimes it disappears if the quote is too large. No more worries when this new feature rolls out. Love it!

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