Retro Wheels...


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Mar 19, 2010
Upstate NY
Been watching to see what people do for retro wheels and saw these...
Vision Turbines. Saw a bunch of turbines back in the day on the bigger Bronco's
Bronco vison Turbines.png

But what I really would like to see are traditional "slot mags". Lots of history there(Rod Hall's Baja Bronco comes to mind)
I'm a little surprised US Mags hasn't addressed this. They already make the 6x5.5 U101, but only in a back spacing that works on older vehicles...
I'm sure it wouldn't be a simple thing to retool for the late model Bronco...but damnit I think they'd look good with the correct backspacing on a retro themed rig!
Bronco Slots.jpeg

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