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Removing over the top stripes...

Discussion in 'Ford GT' started by Serpent, Jan 10, 2021 at 2:04 PM.

  1. Serpent

    Serpent Bike or Cobra? Established Member

    Apr 3, 2004
    Santa Clara, Ca
    So I've been doing some searching and no I haven't signed up for the Ford GT forum, but has anyone painted over the top stripes? I've seen some GT's without the top stripes and then have side stripes... Now I know the side stripes are stickers. But curious if anyone has painted over the top stripes. Or all all of them basically stripe delete cars with stickers on the side added?

    I read that the top stripes are actually painted over the clear coat. So basically its the metal (or aluminum), primer, 3 coats of paint, clear coat, THEN over the top stripes, then another clear coat.

    If I ever got a GT I would love to do this. I'm thinking it would require painting over the entire car tho :(
  2. specracer

    specracer SVTOA MCA Premium Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    Side tape stripes were standard on ALL cars. Side stripe delete was a no cost option, and RARE (but I cant remember if this delete was available if you had the OTT stripes option).

    OTT stripes were a $5k option (not standard to the car).

    It was not my memory that OTT stripes were applied over layers of clear. I can remember the room in the front of the building of SSV where the stripes were laid out. But unless the car has already been repainted, or is in desperate need to be, as to why you would want to change it. There for sure cars that have been fully repainted with out stripes, or more common, painted "heritage"
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