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red svt
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Jan 8, 2012
San Juan Puerto Rico
Hi Im the proud owner of a 2002 red lightning svt bone stock with 42000miles on it. I want to raise the power level of my truck reliable and safe , so far I purchased an sct programmer for the truck, wich will require lots of tunning when all things are installed. I also have a jlt intake,tr6 plugs , and a 2.80 upper pulley wich Im thinking of replacing for a #4 lower fron jlpbecause is not installed yet . I was checking the exhaust side and came along to see the jlp complete system but its expensive and i dont think it would be worth it to install that system on my truck , what else you recomend not so expensive, I know the stock exhaust manifold is good for 500whp wich is my goal, i need to remove the cats obviously and i can also some sord of cat back system, dont want it to be loud i prefer free flow rather than noise i know noise is a by product but the best flow possible... last but not least i want to port my eaton but im not sure wich services to get for my application ,any advise!!! besides that traction bars etc what do you guys think and recomend...
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