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  1. BadBlue98GT

    BadBlue98GT Active Member Established Member

    Mar 11, 2009
    North Georgia
    My Raptor is quickly approaching the 100K mile mark and instead of getting a new truck, I'm thinking of freshening up the motor with a rebuild, maybe adding a little horsepower (500 RWHP goal), and getting the transmission gone through as well. Both the interior and exterior are still in great shape so I see no need in shelling out big bucks for another truck, especially since I'm also in the market for a '13/'14 GT500.

    I'm interested in forum member feedback from those that have gotten a rebuild/new motor from Livernois, Hennessey, and some of the other aftermarket companies that deal with Raptors.

    I'm also interested in feedback from those aftermarket companies to answer the following questions:
    1. Expected amount of downtime to perform a motor and trans rebuild.
    2. Ballpark cost figure...not looking to build something to win the Baja 1000...just a nice build that will last me another 100K with some added horsepower.
    3. Warranty information.
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  2. Modular Racing

    Modular Racing Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Jun 28, 2004
    877 MOD POWR
    Hi, we do not handle trans rebuilds but we do handle 6.2 engine rebuilds. We have many options such as cams, valve springs, valves, ARP hardware, Billet Oil pump gears and forged shortblock! Down time on a rebuild is currently 4-5 weeks. Cost is $2999 if we use your crank and block or $5499 if we supply a complete new shortblock. Every MMR engine includes a 1 year parts and workmanship warranty. Read more feedback about our engine customers here: http://www.modularmotorsportsracing.com/mmr_modular_mustang_racing_feedb.htm


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