Raybestos Race Pad Group Buy


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Sep 20, 2008
Canal Winchester, Ohio
Hey guys,
I have been in love with the Raybestos pads since I tried them 3-4 years ago. I have never found a pad so heat-resistant and so easy to modulate. Tons of brake torque and ridiculously long-lasting! Somehow, someway they are easy on rotors too.

In the last 8 years of doing track events, I’ve tried them all. Carbotech, HAWK DTC’s, Gloc, and others. None...NONE have been as good as these wrapped up into a single pad!

I did a buy into Raybestos to be able to get these pads consistently to the guys in my 79-04 mustang Facebook group (79-04 Mustangs Road Race-HPDE-AutoX Public Group | Facebook). Particularly for the Cobra Front/Rear brakes as well as the 2000 Cobra R Brembos. Wilwood calipers and the StopTech ST40 calipers! These pads need to be in the hands of 79-14 Mustang guys!!!

94-04 Cobra fronts (ST47 & ST43 compounds) $179 and the cobra/GT rears (ST43) for $129. I can also get the 00 R Brembo (ST47 & ST43) fronts for $192 as well as the Wilwood SL calipers (both 7416&7420 pads ST47 & ST43) for $158 and the StopTech ST40 caliper Pads (ST47 & ST43) for $249

Raybestos has SIGNIFICANTLY raised there prices over the last 2 years and again this winter. I decided to jump in before they do it again.

Who would be interested?

Feel free to PM your email and I can get you a quote at this group buy rate. We had to buy 10 sets of pads for each part number so we do have limited inventory but other groups have been very receptive to product and price. Can't wait for you guys to try them if you haven't already!


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