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Question regarding Nitto 555R Rear Tire

Discussion in 'Discount Tire' started by dtd01svt, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. dtd01svt

    dtd01svt Active Member Established Member

    Aug 20, 2003
    Hi, I recently just bought a 2003 SB Cobra. He just has all 4 new tires installed including 555R Drag Radials on the r ear. During the short time he had the car with them on, he bottomed while pulling out of a car show and the rear fender carved into the tire a bit. To the point where there is a "flap" on the outer wall of the tire. He said he took it back to Discount Tire where he bought them and they said they were ok. I know its hard to tell by looking at the pictures but the weather isnt nice enough to get them checked out yet. Looking for your opinion on whether it should be replaced or not. Thanks!
    IMG_6885.JPG IMG_6884.JPG IMG_6886.JPG
  2. Discount Tire

    Discount Tire Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Sep 28, 2007
    Arizona, USA
    Thank you for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to serve you, dtd01svt.

    From your pictures it doesn't appear that the internal carcass was hurt (no exposed cords, etc) so the damage very well could be just superficial. That being said, without actually x-raying the damage it's tough to say if the internals were impacted in some way. In this case I would lean towards the safety side and replace the pair.

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