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PMAS cold air intake - Track times results

Discussion in '5.0L Coyote V8 Engine Modification/Discussion' started by [email protected], Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Derek@Lethal

    [email protected] Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Aug 21, 2013
    Hey everyone!

    The topic of the PMAS intake has been very hot here lately. After looking into all the R&D that Nick put into this intake, I had to have one for my personal car. Nick was kind enough to send one down and I told him that I would do some unbiased testing and would post my results.

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    My testing was done at the drag strip, Palm Beach International Raceway, this past Friday evening (7/29). The weather was disgusting, it had just finished raining about 2 hours before I arrived to the track, really warm and extremely humid (never mind that the track is located in the swaps of west Jupiter). I will share the actual track times and MPH but also give corrected track times and MPH to help take weather out of the equation. I personally don't put much stock into that, but I figure it would make things more fair.

    My car is a 2012 Mustang GT, Manual trans w/ 3.31's and Brembos. Mods to the car are Lund 93 octane tune, 170* Reische thermostst, UPR oil separators and full JBA exhaust w/ H pipe (headers to tips). I ran the stock 19" Brembo wheel up front with a set of chrome 03 Cobra replica wheels out back with 315/35R17 Hoosier drag radials.

    I ran the car in 3 different configurations and they are as follows:

    -Lund Tune/Stock Intake
    -Lund Tune/PMAS "No Tune" Intake (used the same tune as above config)
    -Lund Tune/PMAS "Tune Req'd" Intake (installed stock MAF sensor and new Lund Tune)

    All runs had consistent engine temps, starting at 181* and ending at about 197*. For this particular test, don't mind the ET so much (which will be improved on). The track was hooking really hard and I kept bogging even after raising launch RPM. I need to mess with the tire pressure (add air) to get it to run better but I didn't want to touch tire pressure as that can effect MPH, all runs were with 16 psi of air in the rear tires. This test is about horsepower so we are more concerned with MPH right now.

    So, on with my results:

    Run 1 (Lund Tune/Stock Intake)
    Time- 7:35 pm
    Temp- 87*
    Humidity- 65%
    Baro- 30.04
    DA- 2037

    60 foot- 1.80
    ET- 12.013
    MPH- 115.33

    Corrected ET and MPH- [email protected]

    Run 2 (Lund Tune/Stock Intake)
    Time- 8:08 pm
    Results- damn near identical to run #1, [email protected]

    Run 3 (Lund Tune/PMAS "No Tune" Intake)
    Time- 10:50pm
    Temp- 83*
    Humidity- 72%
    Baro- 30.05
    DA- 1769

    60 foot- 1.767
    ET- 11.854
    MPH- 116.80

    Corrected ET and MPH- [email protected]

    Run 3 (Lund Tune/PMAS "Tune Req'd" Intake)
    Time- 11:30pm
    Temp- 83*
    Humidity- 74%
    Baro- 30.05
    DA- 1778

    60 foot- 1.793 (spun then bogged)
    ET- 11.903
    MPH- 118.31

    Corrected ET and MPH- [email protected]

    Personally, I am impressed with my results. The car ran really hard and I was surprised to see these trap speeds in the weather we had. So whether you like the actual results or the correct results, they both show a good increase in power. The "No Tune" set up looks to have gained 20 rwhp, but the "Tune Req'd" version looks to have added even more which is what I was probably the most surprised about. I logged all the runs but on the "No Tune" PMAS run, the nGauge froze and did not log that run so I cannot compare it to the "Tune Req'd" run :mad:

    In closing, the intake makes power as advertised. If you already have a Lund tune, I recommend going with the "Tune Req'd" version and having him send you a revision, saves you $100 as well.

    You can get your PMAS intakes from us at Lethal Performance for your S550 car either by itself or as part of our power packs featuring the nGauge or SCT X4.

    No Tune kit

    Tune Required kit

    Power Pack

    If you guys have any questions regarding this intake, tuning or power packs, feel free to contact us!

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  2. blkvenm97

    blkvenm97 Member Established Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Saltville Virginia
    I can't believe nobody responded to this thread. I think it's amazing the car picked up more than 1 mph with the no tune required and 3 mph on the tune required version that is quite a jump. I thought intakes did nothing on the 5.0 lol. They always say that even back to the old 4v days...intakes have always had haters. Great job and thank you for posting this. I don't own a 5.0 but there is a real good chance I will in the future and the pmas will be added if the one I buy doesn't already have one. I've heard real good things about it
  3. blkvenm97

    blkvenm97 Member Established Member

    Jun 19, 2007
    Saltville Virginia
    People are always like oh that's mostly the tune when a car picks up 30-40 whp with an Intake and tune package yet you never see anyone picking up that much with only a tune. The good intakes (tune required) clearly do something on these cars there's plenty of data backing this up. I mean when you have stock 5.0s doing 360-375 whp then they add an Intake and full exhaust and lay down 420+ to the wheels that's a 50-60 whp jump in many cases...no the tune and headers didn't do that alone...and everyone already says catback do nothing as well (they may do little for performance but I do believe there is a gain) and the main thing that gets these gains is all these parts work well together and bring out max gains in the end. The intake alone without anything else may not do a lot because you would need a no tune one to even do that and therefor won't hardly see any gains. A real intake that is going to come with noticeable gains is going to require a tune. That's just my oppinion. I want to get a 5.0 and do a full bolt on setup with a cobra jet and start preferably with a base manual and some decent weight reduction to it and see what I can get. Sorry for rambling I just get irritated at some of the comments on the net and on these forums

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