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Official Announcement :: SVTPerformance - Mustang Week 2017 Schedule

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    SVTPerformance - Mustang Week 2017 Schedule

    Tuesday, Sept 5th: The 5th Annual SVTPerformance Welcome to Mustang Week Get-Together


    For the fifth year, SVTP will be hosting a Welcome to Mustang Week at Myrtle Beach Get-Together. Over the past few years we've met at a couple different areas around the Myrtle Beach area, including a boat, but this year we decided hit up multiple spots all within easy walking distance.

    As Mustang Week's Official Meet ‘n Greet at Broadway at the Beach (1:00pm to 6:00pm) wraps up make your way over to Broadway's Celebrity Square. SVTP has arranged free admission all night (starting at 7:00pm) for all SVTP Members to both Oz Nightclub and Malibu. All you have to do is tell them at the door that SVTPerformance.com sent you. On top of that, there's a Pub Crawl scheduled that includes a free T-Shirt if you complete all five stops (Malibu's Tiki Bar, Broadway Louie's, Fat Tuesday, Oz, and Malibu's Surf Bar). The crawl is self-guided and self-paced. So grab some food and libations and we'll see you there.

    Location - Oz Nightclub - Broadway at the Beach
    - 7:00pm
    Map - Click Here for a Map of Broadway at the Beach

    Wednesday, Sept 6th: The 10th Annual SVTPerformance Burnout Contest


    It simply wouldn't be Mustang Week without the Annual SVTPerformance Burnout Contest. This is our eighth year hosting this event that definitely gets bigger and more exciting every year. If you're unfamiliar with how awesome The SVTP Burnout Contest is, check out our coverage of the 2016 edition of the event: Mustang Week 2016 : SVTPerformance.com Burnout Competition. Needless to say, this is probably the wildest spectacle you'll see during all of Mustang Week. There's no other event at Mustang Week that rewards winner with a free set of tires for letting it all hang out and showing off for the crowd. The crowd determines the winner, so the more you can do to rile them up the better. Creativity is highly recommended. The contest is open to all Ford vehicles.

    Click Here to See Pics and Coverage From 2016 SVTPerformance Burnout Contest

    Location - Myrtle Beach Speedway
    - 6:00pm
    Map - Click Here for a Map of Myrtle Beach Speedway

    Date ???: The Pre-2018 SVTPerformance.com Party Like a Rockstar Night

    If you've been to Mustang Week in the past few years you've undoubtedly heard tales of the Legendary SVTPerformance.com Party Like a Rockstar Night on The Deck at the House of Blues. Unfortunately, due to the Mustang Week date change our celebrity guests; Vaughn Gittin Jr., Mike Murillo, Dean Martin, etc.; and some of our sponsors (SCT, etc.) are not going to be in attendance this year. In addition, the prospect of rain is a very real threat; and disastrous for a party in an outdoor venue. As such, we will not be holding our annual party on The Deck for 2017.

    However, we are doing a more intimate and far more exclusive trial run for our 2018 Party Like a Rockstar Night Friday night. That's right, we are already deep into planning next year's party and it is shaping up to be the biggest ever. If you have attended PLRN in past years and are interesting in a sneak preview of next year send me a message here on SVTP. Tickets are extremely limited, so don't get butthurt if none are available. Preferential status will be given to longtime SVTP supporters.

    Click Here to See Pics and Coverage From the 2016 SVTPerformance Ready to Rock Night

    Location - Message SID297 for Details
    - ???
    - Message SID297 for Details

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