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Numbers matching 64 chevelle SS

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles Buy/Sell' started by Oso, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Oso

    Oso New Member Established Member

    Mar 3, 2005
    Scottsdale AZ
    Story on the car..Grandfather purchased the car back in late 02' early 03' from Tacoma Washington, I flew with him from arizona and drove the car the entire way back to Phoenix without incident.

    The car is a numbers matching real SS with a 220hp 283 and a 2 speed power glide, ps, ac and manual brakes, I dont think the motor and trans have ever been rebuilt, the odometer shows 69k miles and I'm not 100% certain if it's rolled or not as I need to do some research at the DMV.

    I replaced the pass side floor pans as they were slightly rusted due to the heater core leaking and were tig welded back into place with goodmark pans at the same time replaced the carpet and installed new front seat belts. The rear quarters have never been replaced nor has any exterior sheet metal as the car had a frame on back in 1991 as I have a receipt for the paint and supplies purchased. there are afew dings and I mean tiny dings in the car, some of the stainless has dings as well.

    I converted the front to disc brakes due to a 1966 chevelle donor car, so it's all factory parts except for the SSBC manual master cylinder and new calipers. While there I replaced the upper and lower ball joints with moog parts as well as the upper and lower control arm bushing with polyurathane replacement bushings, The rear brakes have had the wheel cylinders replaced as well as new springs and shoes to make for a proper brake system.

    The car retains a aftermarket ac system from Vintage AC, everything is installed and working properly and will freeze you out :biggrin: .

    The radiator was recored back about 1 year ago(200 miles maybe), has the original AM radio that works, has the proper gauge cluster that works, center clock that works as well, everything in this car works and can be trusted to drive wherever you want it to.

    I am selling due to the fact I dont want to hurt this car or take from it's originality by putting my 14:5.1 468, turbo 400 and the typical stuff that will hur the cars value as well as taking a chance in putting it in the wall at the track as I'm a avid street racer and would rather destroy a late model car than this piece of history and please remeber the car is 42 years old and is not 100% perfect, if it was it would be in Jackson auction or asking top dollar. The car is located in Arizona and you can reach me at 602-451-2276 or [email protected]

    Asking $25k obo

    Thank you

    - Steve


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