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New And Used Car Specials!!!

Discussion in 'Autonation Ford of White Bear Lake - Formerly Tous' started by FORDSVTPARTS, Jun 4, 2008.


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    Sep 8, 2004
    O.K. guys, first off please do not place requests here because I don't do anything with car sales and the guy who does won't be posting here.

    I've had numerous inquiries from forum members about vehicle sales and I finally talked to my favorite salesman about it and he said he'd get you guys the best deals he can on new and used cars and trucks.

    He did also mention that they get special deals on hotels for fly in customers but you have to talk to him about the details.

    I can not give any specifics as programs can change and different deals are running all the time.

    The contact info for the salesman I was talking to is below, He's a great guy and probably the most honest low pressure car salesman I've ever run into.

    If I didn't have faith in him I wouldn't put this offer out there for you guys.

    If Geoff isn't available then leave a message or call back, dealing with him is worth the wait.

    Here we go,

    Geoff Jelinek
    [email protected]

    Browse our inventory at HTTP://WWW.TOUSLEYFORD.COM

    Pssst, Tell him Steve in parts pointed you his way.
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