Need T56 installed


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Oct 9, 2003
South Shore, MA
Looking to see if anyone knows of someone who has the facility to install a T56 in a 99 cobra. I have the T56, T56 mount, clutch with new bolts, aluminum flywheel with new bolts, rear main seal, clutch cable, firewall adjuster and quadrant all from maximum motorsports. I have an OEM Ford pilot and throwout bearing. Also have the pinion flange, nut, crush sleeve and driveshaft all for an 03 cobra. I just need someone with a lift and transmission jack for the install.

Everyone is the same response. "I can do it in a 2-3 weeks" and I never hear anything again. I'm tired of dealing with strokers. I did this swap back in 2007 in my 01 cobra and had no issue getting it done, but clearly the times have changed. For those that aren't familiar with this swap it's a direct bolt in. I did it on my last car, 01 cobra. I have the torque specs for all the hardware and the blue loctite and also the red loctite for the driveshaft and pinion flange bolts. It's more than a clutch install, but the majority of the labor is no different than replacing a clutch. The added work would be the pinion flange, clutch cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster unless I'm missing something. I would be keeping the stock T45 and the parts that go with it. The car runs and drives without issue, but I don't drive it in the winter. This isn't a project car and it's not a prior wreck either. It's all original with 56K miles, other than a catback.


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Jun 21, 2003
You can do all of that in your driveway/garage yourself on Jackstands. I just did and a lot more.

I too was going to mention that he doesn't necessarily need to find a "facility with a lift" for this job.

I'd say the toughest part (which probably is not even be necessary, as long as the yokes are the same depth) is adding a new crush washer.

But best of luck, op.

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