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Nov 20, 2018
Fort Worth, Tx
I couldn't really find anything in the search to really answer some questions that I have around cams. I am considering swapping out the cams when I do the OPGs, and I am looking for some more info on 3 particular grinds. My set up is E85, Headers, full 3 inch exhaust, GT350 CAI, ported GT350 TB, ported 18 mani locked out; and right now I am about 455rwhp. I am looking to hit that 500whp mark or get close. I want to see what I can get out of the 18 mani, but I know I will eventually need to go with a ported GT350 or CJ... but in due time.

The cams that I am looking at are the L&M Intake only, Comp Cams CR stage 3, and the Comp Cams Mutha Thumpr stage 2. What are peoples experience with these, what are you seeing from a power perspective? I am being told that the Comp Cams Stage 3 looses a lot of torque after 5500. I am also seeing a lot of people locking out the VCT on the L&M cams. This car is not a daily, but I want to retain drivability, I have heard good and bad things about locking out the VCT from a drivability perspective. I like the way the car runs and drives now, but like everyone else... I want more Power... A lot of you will give me the knee jerk response of just throw boost on it, but again... all in due time.

Are there other options than what I am looking at? I like the fact that they are just drop in and prefer to do that at this time.

Recap, what are you running? What is your experience with your cams? What did you pick up? Would you do it again? Any thing else I should consider that I haven't thought of?


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May 2, 2014
Save/spend a little more and go with a Paxton/vortech SC. Skip cams in my opinion. I went the NA tin can route on my gen1 and regret it.. thankfully I sold the car. boost ftw.

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