My 2013 GT build thread *pic heavy*


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Feb 23, 2017
@7Lemons ,

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Sorry to hear about the CEL chase. It's always something, isn't it? In the end, it usually ends up being something simple. Thanks for sharing that info. Who knows, I may end up dealing with the same issue when I start mine up for the first time.

Couple of questions, if you are willing to share any insight. If so, I hope this helps someone. If I do end up doing this on my own, I will be sharing my experience in depth, as you did.

I have had horrible experiences lately with shops working on my cars. I am tired of wasting my money and dealing with shady people who care nothing about your car.

Similar to you, I think I have enough tools and a little knowledge to be dangerous. I have installed transmissions, clutch's, an Airlift system, springs, coilovers, full supercharger kits, exhausts, suspension components, etc. However, I have never pulled an engine, or worked on cams, never removed/installed heads, OPG's, timing components, etc.

With that being said, like you, I will be working on jack stands. I have an engine lift, engine stand, transmission jack, etc. Unlike you, I will have no help. It was really cool to see you involving your kids in the build! My boys are both serving in the Air Force. I sure could use their help on this!

1. If you could do it again, would you? I am doubting my abilities on this due to the risk of messing up the timing while installing the cams, new timing kit, etc. However, I plan to take my time. I am also very meticulous and detailed. I am just extremely hesitant to give my car to another shop ever again. Especially, for something like this.

2. I have 1 7/8" Kooks LT Headers currently on my Gen 1 motor. Did your Kooks give you any problems bolting/lining up on the Gen 2 Heads? Did your clearance in the engine bay/chassis change at all? I am concerned that the headers may not clear with the new short block and heads. I may pull the trigger on the BMR K-member.

3. Would you recommend the BMR K-Member? Did it help with clearance for the headers?

4. Did the Gen 1 OPG's, housing, and crank sprocket give you any issues? Just want to make sure I install the right ones going from Gen 1 to Gen 2. I am installing the Gen 1 "L&M Intake Only" Cams, and reusing my cams from my Gen 1.

5. Which return style fuel system did you install from VMP? I already have Fore 3V rails, and their BAP.

6. Did you use a Gen 1 or Gen 2 timing cover/gasket?

7. Will I need a Gen 2 windage tray/ oil pan seal, and pan?

8. DId you have any porting/bowl work done to the heads?

Thanks again for your time and guidance. I truly appreciate it.

1. I would definitely do it again, especially for the experience with my kiddos. It was priceless and worth it just for that. Mind you, I had little choice as my motor was blown and I couldn't spend twice the money to have someone else do it for me, and I, like you, don't trust people to work on my car, and the ones that I do cost a lot (rightfully so). I also just hate not knowing how things were done and what decisions were made, etc.
It took some nerve to get started, so I understand your hesitation, but based on what you said about your experience - you're in a similar place to me and
I think you'll do just fine. Just take your time and snap lots of pictures, etc. Doing the work by yourself in some spots will be harder, but I will say I was surprised that working from the top taking the engine out that way and working on jack stands was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Is it as nice or fast or easy as a lift? No. Is it reasonably doable... yep!

2. I had no issues getting the Kooks installed and lined up and dropped in the car. I was also worried about this, but it was totally fine. Same exact geometry
as the gen 1 heads for that. Now, as a caveat, my Kooks are 1 3/4 not the 1 7/8 ones, so I don't know if yours are designed with different bends etc than mine?

3. The only regret to the BMR K member is not doing it SOONER! It does make things easier, although I think the headers would be okay going in with the stock piece too, just more of a PIA.

4. I had no issues with the OPG housing, and I put in brand new MMR billet OPGs into the housing. No issues there. Now the sprocket was an issues and this gets into the timing aspect of things, and which timing sprocket you use depends on which exhaust cams you run. I did not even use the MMR billet CS that came with my OPGs as I had gen 2 (Boss) exhaust cams, which use a DIFFERENT PITCH timing chain and CS than gen 1. This was terribly hard to figure out for me, as were several other things, basically from buying some used components and not knowing all of this on my own without research. I had a LOT of help and email exchanges with @Riddick trying to figure things out and at times we were both scratching our heads. This was the CS I eventually ordered and used per help from Shaun: AmericanMuscle

5. I purchased the VMP fuel system used so I don't have the exact part number. But it was the VMP Plug n play return system, with upgrade to dual Walbro 274s, upgrade to VMP billet rails, Fore hat, and Aero regulator. Kind of a custom mix. I don't believe you'll use a BAP in a dual pump return system.

6. I ordered a gen 2 timing cover fr3z-6019-A. The gasket and windage tray came in a kit I bought from AM: Ford Performance Mustang 5.0L Coyote Oil Pump Installation Kit M-6600-A50PKIT (11-17 Mustang GT) - Free Shipping

7. I don't remember if they're different or not, but see the link above for what I ordered.

8. I did not have any porting/bowl work done, just had them machined to clean them up.

I will just add that the timing part was awfully confusing, due to many converging factors that you may or may not have. I had some used parts that I was unsure of Gen1/Gen2 at first. Also, the manuals between gen 1 and gen 2 differ in this procedure and it's not always obvious which to follow, and there are errors in them as well in places. Also, the data matrix IDs on the cams did NOT point upward as the manual says and as other posts will show on this forum. I believe this is because of doing the gen 1 timing procedure but having gen 2 exhaust cams, and L&M gen 1 intake cams. L&M actually sent me a pdf of the timing procedure and this only confused things way more. In the end I believe since the phasers are keyed to the cams, and with all the markings everywhere for the primary and secondary chains, and the fact that it's impossible to have the wrong chain and sprocket gen 1 /gen 2 (bc the pitch is different), that it should all be correct if the marks are all lined up. After full timing assembly, I rotated the engine very slowly many times and watched the valve timing and piston position / firing order to verify it all seemed correct.

Hope this all helps. Good luck on the build, I'm sure it will be fun! I'll subscribe to your thread when you do it! TTYL


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Feb 23, 2017
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