My 04 vs Evo 9


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Oct 5, 2005
This was actually a couple months ago, but it came up in conversation again. I was driving back from a cars and coffee with some friends and I was being stalked by an Evo. He kept sitting at my driver side quarter panel, but I didn't think anything of it at first. Then I saw the pipes coming through the bumper and the big intercooler through the bumper. I had the Whipple on, but was still on pump gas. I did a quick 5th gear punch when he got next to me at one point and after that he settled in next to me. I figured what the hell and started slowing down. I managed to get him to slow down so I could get into 2nd around 3500rpm. His passenger counted it off (I had my wife so we were even on passengers) and when I punched it I got about a fender on him. I thought I got this as I pulled a little more, then I heard his turbo spool. When you can hear the other guy's turbo spool in the lane next to you over a pair of Stingers you know you're in trouble. He made up ground pretty quick and we stayed neck and neck. I shifted into third around 6500rpm and ran it out. I touched 4th, but traffic was coming up. You could tell when one of us would shift because the car would drop for a split second then come back. We were door to door most of the way.

We gave each other the thumbs up and he managed to disappear into the traffic. I really wanted to talk to him about his set up too. I keep looking for him after the meet now that I'm on E85. I want to see how it would go with a little more boost and timing.

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