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Mustang Week 2016: SVTP Ready to Rock Night Party

Discussion in 'Mustang Week @ Myrtle Beach' started by EditorTurner, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Ready and Willing
    Mustang RTR and SCT helped us take over the HOB Deck for an epic celebration
    By Steve Turner

    We look forward to Mustang Week all year long. It’s a chance to see thousands of modded Mustangs prowling the streets of Myrtle Beach. However, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up with all of our friends in one place. Of course the event that we most look forward to hanging out with friends and making new ones is Ready to Rock Night sponsored by Mustang RTR and SCT Performance!

    After a long hot day at the car show, hanging on The Deck at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach with thousands of Mustang fans and a cool drink can’t be beat. For the sixth year in a row your friends at SVTP have hosted this can’t-miss event that has become the highlight of the week for many attendees. This year it was back bigger and better than ever as we took over the entire Deck for the night.

    Guests eased into the throttle by enjoying a bite to eat from The Smokehouse while getting in those early rounds of drinks. The party hits its stride after 10 p.m. when our competitions are in full swing. Our fearless leader, SID297, was back with some familiar competitions like push-ups and Chubby Bunny along with some new challenges like the popular Lip Sync Battle and Hot Wing Challenge.

    With Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Mike Murillo sharing the mic with our own SID297, these competitions were hotly contested. We learned that Mustang Week hardcores would do just about anything for free car parts. Thanks to several generous sponsors there were many great prizes—Magnaflow mufflers, MGW Shifters, SVE Wheels from Late Model Restoration, SCT tuners and TMI Products interior upgrades—up for grabs.

    Looking back we are a little sad the party is behind us, but we can’t wait to do it all over again next year. If you are already making your Mustang Week 2017 plans, be sure to pencil in Friday night for this party and stay tuned for the official schedule as next year’s events draw near.

    Going straight or sliding sideways our two celebrity guests, drag racer Mike Murillo (left) and drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. brought a lot of fun to Ready to Rock Night. Not only did they help host our crazy competitions, but they also spent plenty of time meeting fans and snapping photos. We think they had more fun than anyone there!

    After a long hot day at the car show, many people were ready to hit The Deck at the House of Blues to enjoy a bite from The Smokehouse and imbibe some refreshments before the party gets wild. It’s a slow burn, but around 10 it got rowdy as our competitions were underway.

    Mustang RTR brought along DJ Ahuf to pump out the jams all night. He really had to work during the Lip Sync battle for an SCT Tuner and a Magnaflow exhaust, but Ahuf knew just when to cut the competitors off.

    Ready to Rock Night has become the must-attend event at Mustang Week. It draws a who’s who from the aftermarket industry along with a huge crowd of thousands of Mustang enthusiasts. It offers a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and have a great time. As you can see, we packed out The Deck again this year.

    People will do just about anything to win an MGW Shifter. Case in point is our Hot Wing Challenge. We had HOB cook up the hottest wings they could and contests had to wolf them down and see who could last the longest without seeking some sort of relief. Fittingly, the guy in the SVTP ‘I Survived Mustang Week’ T-shirt held out to take the billet prize.

    You author’s personal favorite of the contests is Chubby Bunny. Last year’s winner—and official SVTP hype man—Ryan Joseph stepped up to host the 2016 competition. We aren’t sure how the contestants kept going with all those giant marshmallows stuffed in their mouths, but this fella was a soldier and he took over the title as Ready to Rock Night Chubby Bunny champ.

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