Merc 93 Topaz Granpa car 50k miles, NJ


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Sep 13, 2011
Bought from original owner a few months ago, need to replace it with a little truck though. Car is teal green, has the optional 3.0 V6, 3 speed auto trans, FWD, AC works great and I've taken it on a few several hour trips, no issues. The P/L acutators are stuck, apparantly they were never used in this always garaged car. Going to try to get some lube in there to see what we can do.

Car has true 50k miles and is returning 28 MPG in mixed driving, cruises at 80 with no effort.

One spot of rust about an inch inside the fenderwell lip. Car is solid. no leaks, smoke or odd noises. The turn signal stalk indent snapped inside. I'm sure the 93 Ford plastic was brittle, will be trying to find time to source and replace before sale.

Located in Ringwood, NJ or can be seen in NYC. Great DD!

Joe at 973-356-6208

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