Mcleod RST/ RXT Twin Disc Clutches-FREE SHIPPING!


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Authorized Vendor
Apr 12, 2005
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Mcleod RST/ RXT Twin Disc Clutches-FREE SHIPPING!

0% Finanacing/ No payments for up to 1 year available!

-Looking for a new clutch to handle all the RWHP your throwing down? Give me call and I'll take care of you with a Mcleod clutch!

McLeod Clutches was founded by legendary clutch innovator, "Red" Roberts in January of 1971. Today, McLeod is known as the leading high performance street clutch manufacturer in the world. Ask any respected engine, transmission or race car builder about which clutch they want or recommend, inevitably they ask for those “red ones” - McLeod clutches! We also manufacture other driveline products from throwout bearings, flywheels, bell housings and more.

McLeod Racing is a supplier to MOPAR Performance, Ford Motor Co., Roush, Saleen for both his Mustangs and S7s, and we designed the flywheels for the 2000 Cobra R, and 2003-4 Cobras. When Ford was designing and building the Ford GT prototype they came to us, McLeod Racing, for the clutch.

40 years ago, Red Roberts founded McLeod and established it as the best-known Clutch Company to the industry; now it’s time for you to get to know us.

Mcleod RXT/ RST Twin Disc Clutch


Intended for the high horsepower street fan, the RXT Street Twin Clutch Kit is an economically priced twin disc clutch that can handle 1000HP. This clutch kit can handle almost any horse-power you can throw at it and still remain street driveable. Metallic lined clutch discs will provide smooth engagement with a soft pedal effort to make this clutch kit ideal for the street performance enthusiast.

LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, GM 1997-2010,2001.5-2010 Ford V8 ; Ford Modular 4.6/5.4 Motors 1-1/8 x 26 Input

-Handles up to 1000HP(RXT) 800HP (RST)
-Supplied with alignment tool
-Lighter than stock pedal feel
-Bolts to stock factory flat flywheels (LS1/LS6 only)
-Easy Installation
-Organic disc facing for smooth & even engagement
-Smooth engagement with excellent release qualities
-Low Rotating Mass (moment of inertia) for quick revs
-Includes CNC machined and anodized flywheel adapter ring
-Blanchard ground floater with multiple straps to reduce noise for streetability

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