Made over 800 WHP today with my Procharger Stage 2


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May 7, 2015
Great results, congratulations! Your car looks very nice, too... I am not that familiar with centrifugal blowers, but believe the coyote procharger has a dedicated supercharger belt, correct? Years ago I had a reverse rotation D1 on a car with a single belt, and it would go through belts frequently... After my last road-side belt change in the Phoenix summer heat, I told myself never again! It seems the new systems have likely solved this issue.
Thanks, yes most of the newer procharger kits have a dedicated drive system. I just hope they release a crank support for the gen 1 cars like they did for the gen 2 and up. I know there have been crank failures from all brands of superchargers, most of which due to installation error or really beating on it like with a 2 step, but i do believe that the dedicated drive puts more stress on the crank than a shared drive system.

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