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Looking into a Raptor need help.

Discussion in 'SVT Raptor Talk' started by GT500_012308, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. GT500_012308

    GT500_012308 Active Member Established Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Virginia (NOVA)
    I am looking into getting a Raptor. I do not think that I will be going for the newer body so I would prefer a 14. I have been looking and 13/14s are pretty hard to find SCAB with lower miles and are still all around the same price. Around my area Northern VA there isn't really any with under 70k miles on them most at the 80k mark.

    If I drive a bit to PA or NC then I can get one around 40k with 50k miles or so on it. Would prefer southern state as oppose to PA or anywhere up there because of salt ect.

    Is there a year that is better to look for? I honestly don't care what year but was just getting the newest older body style as possible so 14.

    Is there "to many miles" when looking at these things? Any that I get I am gonna have my mechanic go through and possibly a different Ford dealer like the only one I use with my GT500 if it is ford related.

    Thanks in advance been looking forever finally ready to pull the trigger.
  2. specracer

    specracer SVTOA MCA Premium Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    With the exception of the available SE package of the 14, the MY13 is the same with the latest sync, HID's etc. We got our 14 new, and have had no issues other than the finishes are starting to fail, on the running boards and wheels.

    Great truck, hope you find what your looking for. You also might want to check out the dedicated Raptor forum. More activity there, than here at SVTP

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