It's Here!! | MGW Gen 2 Shifter for the Tremec TR-3160 | Mach 1 & GT350 6-Speed


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Nov 17, 2002
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Hey CobraBob. That is a very hard question but I would say the quality of the unit. With that, all other points follow. Precision, feel, looks, and on and on. The only bad thing is that it is hidden under the car! George needs to design one that sits on top of the console. LOL
Yeah, for sure, LOL. It IS seriously a unit that needs to be seen.

Julius Georgia

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Sep 19, 2021
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Just some additional follow up after getting some miles on the new shifter. I do find that I shift it more than necessary just to enjoy the feel and also to listen to that Voodo! It stays in sport mode and usually have the B&O tunes turned off. I have always thought the 2002 WS-6 TA, I had years ago, was the best. This GT 350 blows it away. And folks like MGW, and other aftermarket suppliers, make the wow factor even better!

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