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I'm about done with AM.

Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by LDC2335, May 3, 2020.

  1. Shifty Powers

    Shifty Powers The Shifty Mobile Established Member

    Jan 29, 2006
    Actually they started off selling other things. Then moved to mustang parts, trucks, & vettes. Got rid of truck/vette and concentrated on AM. Then they added jeep and trucks back.

    Tunes from Bama are fine specially for basic mods and specially for 94-04 even up '10. Once you start throwing big mods on, move on. Its was good starting point for someone who was adding parts to their car at various times so they didn't have to go get a dyno tune. All the parts were put on each version of that car and ran multiple times on a dyno to collect the data.

    Either who they have gone somewhat downhill in recent years as they have grown, changed policy, and cared less about the employees too; mainly the customer service people. They are the red headed step children of the company.
    You wont see a rep on here because they care less about these year cars and they mainly focus on caring about the s550 community. Even then I don't know if they have a forum presence anymore.

    I still order things from them and have no issue. But, they are close to me so it wont effect me much if something goes wrong. Also it depends on who you talk to on there. Sounds like you guys got a few newbies. Sometimes if ya get the right person, call back a day later, or ask for their supervisor.. you'll get somewhere.
    They have added another warehouse in Vegas I think as they want to be able to ship to the whole country in 2 days.

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