IAT2 now MCT - view MCT via phone app and bluetooth OBDII device?


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Sep 28, 2012
After I had my car dyno tuned, it appears the IAT2 temperature data is now a different PID called call MCT (Manifold Charge Temperature). I believe the local tuner was using HP Tuner software.

Although I can see the MCT data via the SCT X4 tuner and the LiveLink software on my laptop, I no longer see this data via my phone app (DashCommand) via a bluetooth OBDII device (GoPoint BT1A) device. I tried another bluetooth device (OBDLink MX+) and associated phone app with no luck.

The main reason for using the GoPoint device is for when I take it to the local road course and its integration with the Harry's LapTimer software...mainly for the other data (engine temps, RPM, etc.). Looking at the IAT2 data via the phone app was merely a nice to have.

Does anyone else use a phone app to log / view MCT data? A phone app was just more convenient vs the SCT device.

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