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Help for Login Issues

Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by SID297, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. SID297

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    Mar 27, 2003
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    RE: Login issues

    make sure that you address box contains: SVTPerformance.com you must have the www subdomain for the cookie session to work though out the site properly.

    If you continue to have login issues:
    • close your browser down
    • open it back up
    • Clear your cookies (see below)
    • go to: SVTPerformance.com

    Clear your browser's cookies
    To delete your cookies, just follow the browser-specific steps below.
    (Please note that while deleting your cookies may resolve the problem, it will also remove your saved settings for all sites you've previously visited.)

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

    1. Open IE and click on the "Tools" menu.
    2. Select "Internet Options."
    3. Click on the "General" tab if it isn't selected already.
    4. Under the heading "Temporary Internet files," click on "Delete Cookies..."
    5. Click "OK" for the "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" prompt.
    6. Click "OK" to exit.

    Mozilla Firefox

    1. Open Firefox and click on the "Tools" menu.
    2. Select "Options."
    3. Click on the "Privacy" icon on the left.
    4. Select "Cookies" and click on "View Cookies"
    5. Select google.com from the list and press "remove cookie."
    6. Click "OK" to exit. ​
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