Hellcat Redeye Widebody


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Feb 12, 2019
Gainesville GA
Yes, definitely check on the insurance rates before committing to a Redeye.
Crazy to think I traded a $112k MSRP AMG ML63S on a Hellcat Charger and our insurance went UP almost $900/year. Turns out having a minivan for her and 4 Mustangs and the Charger for me was an issue.
Still, my wife shopped around and got us back to previously similar rates.
I still feel a little increase is worth the smiles per mile!

So @Chancey , what’s the number 1 improvement over the GT500 and what’s the number 1 thing you miss about the GT500?
Improvement is the fun factor. Never thought I would appreciate an automatic, but its like a video game power level. Loving the trans now. Torque is right off the first throttle tap. You can barely get in it to keep it from breaking loose, and it hooks and goes. Cant wait for the drag radials! As much fun as I had owning the Shelby, I miss it in general instead of a particular thing.


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Sep 8, 2010
Beautiful choice. Now it's time to look into a Barth Tuning package.

Barth Tuning---> Home

Wow! Tim is still doing amazing things. I haven't heard that name since he moved up to IL from MPH. OP, you definitely need to hit him up, looks like he's still doing awesome work.

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