Headlight install

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Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
By Bill Arf


Find the black tabs (2) above each headlight. Push them slightly back towards the cab of the truck, then pull up. They should move up about 3/4".

Place masking tape on painted surface below each headlight so you do not scratch the paint when you pull the headlight out and push it back in..

Gently slide the headlight forward out of the truck. You may need to push it out from behind a little.

When the headlight is fully out, disconnect the plug from the bulb. The headlight should now be completely free of the truck.

There is a large plastic ring surrounding the lamp. Rotate it counter-clockwise to remove it. It takes very little effort so be careful.

Once the ring is removed, remove the bulb from the headlight housing by pulling it directly out. It will give you some "rubbery" resistance - wiggling it slightly helps. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE GLASS OF THE BULB!

Insert the new bulb into the headlight housing. There are grooves and tabs that need to line up. Again, DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS OF THE BULB.

Replace the plastic ring and reattach the plug.

Carefully replace the headlight assembly back into the truck. You may need to move the alignment bolts around a bit to get them back into the holes. (This will be apparent once you're doing it.)

Make sure the rubber grommets are all the way inside their mounting holes, then slide the two black levers down into place.

Check headlight aim when done.....
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