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FS/For Parts: 2003 Comp Orange SVT Focus EAP $3,500

Discussion in 'SVT Foci/SVT Contours Buy/Sell' started by Anti-Venom, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Anti-Venom

    Anti-Venom New Member

    Mar 23, 2014
    New Mexico
    Year: 2003
    Make: Ford
    Model: Focus
    Color: Comp Orange
    Mileage: 199000
    Transmission: Manual
    Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
    Location: New Mexico
    Price: 3500

    Car has been in the family for about 5 years now. I had it for two, my sister has had it for three.

    Great daily! Great mileage! It's sporty, decently quick and handles great. Not to mention, the orange blinds oncoming drivers.

    Car is BONE STOCK.

    New tires ~2000 miles ago

    Interior is in great condition, no tears.

    Paint is decent for a 199xxx mile car, save for the paint chips on the front bumper

    2003 Ford Focus SVT with Euro appearance package

    199xxx miles

    17" Argent Wheels
    Cold Weather Package
    Heated Seats
    Engine Block Heater
    Traction Control
    Audiophile Package
    6-Disc In Dash w/ 9006 System
    Power Moonroof
    HID Headlamps
    Power windows
    Power locks
    Leather RECARO seats


    Car recently over heated...And now has trouble starting. Head was slightly warped, but it was shaved by Jess' Machine Shop here in Santa Fe. Replaced with all new gaskets.

    A couple cranks and it fires right up, but I'm thinking it still has a compression leak. I haven't had the motivation to actually CHECK the compression

    Broken fog lights...They are glass and I'm too lazy to buy new ones

    Paint chips on the front bumper

    The radio volume button is sketchy, but the steering wheel controls for the volume work great

    Car NADA value is $5,200
    New motors for the SVT run ~$1000, and all the forums I've seen say that swapping in a standard Focus motor is pretty difficult. I'd rather not deal with it!

    Asking $3,500

    I've never been on SVTP before...But I'm always on LS1Tech and CorvetteForums.

    "Anti-Venom SS" on both sites, feel free to check my trader rating!

    Local Forum is TrueStreetCars.com; ANTIVNM

  2. Svtheide

    Svtheide Member Established Member

    Aug 29, 2012
    Any interior pics?

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